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Hi! I'm Jenni Whitaker, the artist behind Personalized Faith. I'm thrilled you've taken a minute to browse! Thank you for considering a purchase of my artwork as a gift, or for your own home. For as long as I can remember, I've had the dream to combine my gifts of creativity and encouragement to bless others.

My story: When I was a child, I received the gift of a small plaque of framed parchment paper with the words of John 3:16 printed on it, along with MY name. "For God so loved JENNIFER, that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish, but have eternal life." WOW. I was very familiar with that verse, but after reading that plaque it hit me that God not only loves the whole world, but even ME personally. So much so, that he gave up his Son as the ultimate sacrifice for my sins. As a result, I wouldn't get what I actually deserve, but by God's mercy and grace I get to be with him for eternity in a sinless place called heaven. Seeing that scripture personalized with my name and the word ETERNAL resonated with me at a deep level. A lightbulb of understanding connected in my heart that John 3:16 is God's plan to redeem the sinful world to Himself, and that "the world" includes me. The special older lady that gifted it to me has since passed away, and when I arrive in heaven I can't wait to be greeted by her and rejoice with her that God used her simple gift as one piece of the puzzle (amongst others) to draw me to Himself for salvation and a commitment of my life to Him. Since then, I've hand lettered and given John 3:16 personalized as gifts to children of special friends and family members over the years. I also painted it on the walls of both of my children's baby rooms. Every time I lettered and gifted it, it went with the prayer that they would also come to know the very personal love God has for them. A few years ago, I printed out several different scriptures personalized with my mom's name and gave them to her. I saw the impact the simple heartfelt gift had on her, and the power seeing her name with scripture had. I'm involved in an international organization called Moms in Prayer, which prays the Word of God back to Him in a powerful way using scripture personalized for our children, their teachers, schools, and the world. All of these experiences have weaved together to spark a strong desire in my heart to live out my purpose of creating high quality personalized scripture art (and beautiful uplifting quotes) that can be used as gifts to encourage others. Thanks again for stopping by.




P.S. The creator of  the universe knows YOUR name. Isn't that amazing?!

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